Keep Calm and Dance on.
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crazy with this jump..


me when I see a hottie
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Evgenia Obraztsova (Bolshoi) and Evgeny Ivanchenko (Mariinsky) in Romeo and Juliet.Photo © 2014 Marc Haegeman.


I’m on a new diet called don’t fucking look at me

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come on loser were going shopping
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Nicol Edmonds in rehearsal for Tetractys - The Art of Fugue, The Royal Ballet ©ROH - Johan Persson, 2014
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Joseph Simons by Brian Jamie | Exclusive

this is exactly what I want to look like… like just glue my face onto this picture


did my mad scene in front of a principle dancer and she told me she was impressed. day made. actually life made. 

Paquita is like my least favorite ballet but the tunic is #onpoint #punny #ballet #dance